Success Programming

Removing What's Holding You Back

One of the biggest obstacles preventing us from achieving a feeling of true success is our own mind. Negative emotions induced by devastating traumas can impress deep and persistent limiting beliefs that hold us back from ever finding happiness or peace of mind.
When we are willing to bravely face what's hidden in our subconscious mind, there are powerful tools to actually identify and remove these sometimes protective blocks that no longer serve us.
Using a combination of Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) & soothing hypnotherapy-infused guided meditations, I help others to improve an area of their life through both private coaching and guided meditations. 

For Office & Skype Sessions, choose from these or book a free 15-minute consultation for a tailored program.

Get your Game Tight with Flow State

This success programming has helped many Golfers, poker players and athletes reach their peak performance levels using advanced mental training. Being able to remain calm, cool and collected during high-pressure moments is crucial to winning any game.

Jacqui helps to plant the skills you need in your subconscious mind.  This allows for the improvement and honing of these skills during a meditative state that comes into play when you need it most.


Breakthrough Session


Clients begin with an initial Breakthrough Session which is typically 2-3 hours.  We explore and address the primary areas of concern and through a personalized process, we are able to go deeper to extract the root problem. These often hidden areas in our mind store deeply emotional and often physical pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. 




Increase Wealth Factor

Wealth is about more than making money.  Do you know what your Wealth Factor is?  How easy is it for you to attract the things you want into your life?