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Ignite is a meticulously curated convention that aims to spark conversation and action in five areas that affect our day to day lives: the political, the physical, the spiritual, the technological, and the artistic. The producers of Ignite have brought together some of the leading minds of this generation to address critical issues in our personal and communal development so that we, citizens of this Earth, can bring about a unified, caring, and conscious future.


I'll be there speaking about the power of the self-actualization process.  How do we transform and what are some of the methods and tools to help speed up the process of becoming the best version of you?



In my core, my passion resonates with the role of teacher. Nothing gives me greater joy than sharing with others what I have learned through my research, studies and personal experiences. No amount of degrees or certifications can replace the wisdom and feelings that come with personally helping someone transform their life.
What is the real impact of trauma and what are the best ways to heal it?  What proven steps can we take to consciously manifest a successful, prosperous and happy life while balancing the limitations imposed by negative mind?


Developing a strong connection to the profound and listening to inner guidance results in manifesting a successful, prosperous and happy life.  Let me help you simplify your life and start creating the experiences you truly desire.


Connect and work with me through Conferences, Workshops, Group Counseling, Training Seminars, and as a Keynote Speaker.