You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith

I decided to focus this week's blog on something that most people understand in different ways: Faith. Full disclosure, I’m a not a religious person by any means. I grew up in a reformed Jewish household. I joined  my local youth group in high school because it was a good way to make friends and hook up with boys. But, in truth, I never felt connected to any religion. It was the spirituality contained inside me that I truly connected with. So, again, it’s safe to say, I would not consider myself religious but a highly spiritual person.

Recently, I was doing a hypnotherapy session on a client and I ended up receiving some valuable advice that really stuck, so I figured I'd blog it out.

Now, I write these blogs because they're usually either something I'm going through, or my clients or friends have been dealing with and I'd like to help others in a similar spot. Last week's blog was about doubt. About a month ago I posted a blog about transitioning. So, as many of you know I'm going through a big shift myself and I'm noticing a lot of other people are also going through a transition in their lives as well.

My client was going through a transition in his life. He was having trouble manifesting some big opportunities that he had been working on. I decided with a case like this to go deep into his subconscious mind and get answers to why this brilliant, driven man wasn't reaching his goals & fulfilling his ambitions.

After about a half hour of deep relaxation techniques my client went into a medium to deep state of trance. During this state I was able to ask him what was blocking him. Like many, fear was the main culprit, but interestingly enough, faith was also blocking him from manifesting his true desires.

Doubt, Fear and Trust: Why You should Believe

He admitted that he would begin to doubt and lose faith when something started to take longer then he expected. His lack of faith in himself and the Universe would block him from manifesting his dreams. Once we figured this out, I was able to develop his hypnotherapy sessions specifically to build faith and trust. Within days he started manifesting new job opportunities and the extra income he was hoping for. The secret learned is that with a combination of patience and an iron faith the Universe will provide and take care you.

Trust & Believe

So, my advice with this blog is to trust! Believe in yourself and in the Universe. We have the ability to manifest our goals, desires and dreams we just need to truly believe we can do it. If you'd like to book a hypnotherapy session, I'm having a half off summer sale at the end of the month! Please direct message me if you have any questions about hypnotherapy or would like to schedule a consultation or appointment.