Women and Wine: Both Can Get Better With Age

Hollywood has been telling women that we’re “over the hill” by age thirty for decades. It’s one the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard, because some of the most attractive women I’ve ever met in my life have been in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

By the time a woman reaches her 30’s she’s developed a clear confidence.  She knows her style and what colors and shapes look good on her. She knows how to take care of herself and has wisdom gained from experience, making her a much better conversationalist. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of beautiful women in their 20’s who are delightful to speak to.  I love my millennial sisters. 
For decades Hollywood, including the music industry has sold us youth. Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Mylie Cyrus lit up the silver screen in their teens and quickly became radical sex icons. The truth is, I do believe there will be some major changes coming to the entertainment industry very soon. 

For many years, Hollywood has been filled with some down-right shady characters. Some of these characters were exposed for pedophilia. As more of these people become exposed and changes are made, I believe there will be a surge of more sophisticated, powerful women seen as sex symbols
Because age was long considered a career killer, both men and women often lied about their age in order to feel sexy, and get cast in film, TV and commercials. Unfortunately for many, modern technology has made anyone’s age easily accessible with a first and last name and city of residence. As technology evolves, it will become even more accessible and there will be no way to hide the information from others. Knowing this, my thought is, “why lie at all?” 

Why not be proud of your age. Hell if you look good and take care of yourself be honest, and proud. A big sign of insecurity and is lying on dating sites. But, let’s say you meet the man or woman of your dreams. You  each think the other is the greatest thing since Yogurtland, so you agree to plan a trip.  He asks for your birthday to book that flight to the tropics and now you need to reveal that youre actually 7 years older than what was on the site. Yeah, probably not going to fly so well. 
Now, fibbing by one or two years might not destroy a relationship, but it’s still a very awkward situation to have to come clean. The truth is there’s your biological age and your chronological age. Your biological age, is the age you seem, how you feel what people might guess you as. 

Your chronological age is literally how many years you’ve been alive on this planet. So, here’s a fun suggestion that’s keeps you from lying about your age; follow up with your biological age. If you feel and look 32 but you’re actually 37, why not just say that. 
The truth is beauty can last a lifetime, if it’s a priority.  It doesn’t have to stop at thirty or forty or even seventy.  True beauty radiates from within and shines through our eyes and our souls. That’s why you can meet someone who initially you’re not attracted to, but fall madly in love with, once you get to know them.