Transitioning Into A New You

We are always growing and evolving becoming better versions of ourselves. Sometimes I think "if me 8 years ago could see myself now, she'd be like WTF???" It's proof we are always changing.

Today, I decided to focus this blog on transitioning. I often say I will invent myself and reinvent myself over and over again. Transitioning is not easy and at times it can be painful. Recently, I've been going through a huge shift myself. So, I figured I'd Blog it out...

When I first moved to LA my dream was to be a Hollywood Starlet.  My role models as a teen were Pam Anderson, Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy. I wanted to be the sexy blonde bombshell. I loved taking sexy pictures in bikinis and lingerie. My look, my attitude and the persona I created got me type cast as the sexy, funny stripper, the drunken sorority sister, the oversexed pornstar and many other not-so-bright "bimbo" roles.

The funny thing about acting is you actually have to be very smart to play dumb...

jacqui holland cover girl nakedThat was a specific and important chapter in my life, but I am now at a point in my life where I no longer want to be known for being half-naked. I'm not going to say it's easy. You Google me on the internet and it's one lingerie pic after another. We all have our journeys and I have no regret for any of my choices. The past does not define us. It shapes us into the person we are today.

It's funny; at times I think I want to go back but sometimes the Universe has an entirely different plan for us.  You see, two months ago, I found out I was pregnant.

jacqui holland baby blog fairy mushroomFear swarmed my whole entire body. But, a sense of joy and transition also enveloped me.  That's because not only am I now transitioning into being a mother, but I'm also transitioning the roles I play on screen; I'm transitioning my whole persona, my career, everything.

I wanted to write this blog to reach anyone else who may be transitioning right now as well - in any way, shape or form, and to say, "go for it! Never look back! Don't regret and be you!!!" 

And trust me, yeah it might be difficult at times; any career shift or major lifestyle change can be a bit of a challenge. We must remember that the Universe will never give us more than we can handle.