Self-Worth is Sexy

Today's Blog is on self-worth, which is a very important and sexy quality. I want you to take a moment and think about a $100 bill. If I offered it to you, would you want it?

Hell yeah!!! But, what if I crumpled it up and squished it in a ball, would you still want it? Yep, you probably would. Even if I stepped on it and got it dirty with the bottom of my shoe, I'm sure you'd still want that $100, because it's still worth something. You can do a lot with $100, you can buy clothing, groceries, a fancy dinner, or even pay a bill.


The same can be said for us. We can go through trauma, lose a job, go bankrupt, make some bad choices, get dumped, gain weight or get a DUI. It doesn't make us less of a person and it doesn't decrease our value as a human being. When we devalue ourselves that's when we lose in life. It's how we get stuck in negative patterns. For instance, if you lose your job and give in to feelings of worthlessness, you may start fighting with your significant other, because you don't feel like you deserve love... and therefore you lose that too. So, we have to value ourselves and realize our self-worth no matter what the circumstances.


Several years ago I got stuck in a negative pattern similar to that. I had been acting for close to a decade at that point and had had some pretty amazing projects under my belt, including big budget TV shows and motion pictures. It was right around the time I was turning 30, and as an actress, I felt like I wasn't as accomplished as I needed to be. I wanted to work all the time and I was sick of struggling, so I started doing some films that weren't as high quality as my usual fare. I didn't feel quite right running through the woods covered in blood topless, but in truth, I wasn't valuing my self-worth.

I ended up doing a handful of "soft-core" films even though I never felt completely comfortable or 100% right about doing them. Don't get me wrong, I do not regret it because those experiences set me on the path to where I am now, but, I admittedly did devalue myself as an actress while doing them.

The good news is that even though that was in my past, I no longer make decisions from that mindset today. Like that $100 bill, I recognize that I am still worth my original value as both an actress and as a human being. 

So, the thoughts that I truly want to express with this blog is we all need to cultivate self-worth. There's going to be rough patches, of course, and we may get stepped on or get a little dirty, but it doesn't matter, we still are worth every penny as we were when we were shiny and new! It's all about self-love and self-worth. To truly love another and experience pure joy in this life, we need to learn to love ourselves.