Put That Negative S#it In A Box

Today's blog is about being real. Life can be hard sometimes. I like to think about life on Earth like a school; we all are here to take classes. Some of us are here to learn love, others to learn reverence for our bodies, some of us are here to learn strength. We each wander through this complex curriculum and sometimes the lessons are hard. It is said that incarnation on Earth can be one of the toughest to experience, yet the learnings are incredible and as humans we can adapt and learn very quickly.



So, as we're all learning lessons, sometimes the lessons can be difficult and stressful, but we need to accept them and put our best faces forward. When we're doing our jobs or meeting new people we don't want to be lugging our heavy lessons everywhere with us. Now, I'm not saying we shouldn't feel pain, anger or sadness, we most certainly should. In fact, if you don't feel your emotions they will get trapped in your body and that's how we accumulate chronic pain and soreness. So, it's important to feel our emotions and talk to others about things. The idea is we don't want to be dragging our heavy lessons and bottled emotions with us to work or on a first date.

There are times in life where you have to take that negative shit and put it in a box. I was reminded of this recently through my own actions and also through some of my clients. I had one client emailing a first date pouring out his soul, including a ton of negative shit. I had to tell him that any woman you're trying to get to know doesn't want to hear about your woes. He finally agreed and after an apology managed to save the situation.




Also, I noticed for myself lately I've been going through a heavy period in my own life with my father being very sick. I was taking the heaviness to work with me and it was weighing me down. I realized I needed to grieve and feel the sadness but when I'm teaching classes or workshops I can't bring that energy with me. So, I took the negative heavy feelings and I put them in an imaginary box and I let them sit there. Then I proceeded with what I had to do. After I was done teaching, I revisited them and truly felt the sadness I needed to feel.

It's important to put our best face forward and to stay in the light. Life is full of lessons some days will be amazing and some days are going to be challenging. We are all growing and learning here on this Earth School.