In the Name of Psychic Self-Defense

This week's blog is on psychic self-defense. But, before we get started: what the heck is a psychic attack? Sounds a little spooky right? A psychic attack is when someone, anyone, including you, is thinking or saying negative things about you. As we've already learned, thoughts create things and when we think negative thoughts they can actually begin to manifest. So, we want to protect ourselves from those that are thinking negative thoughts, saying negative words or doing harmful things toward us. 

The best way to protect yourself from all this Hater-ade is to stay as high vibration as possible. Staying active keeps your energy levels high. Yoga, dancing, working out, laughing and even jumping are great mood amplifiers. But sometimes we need a little more protection. 

Use Protection 

A great way to protect yourself is to transfer the negative energy to a crystal. Now, you can also use an egg if you don't have a crystal, as several indigenous traditions of the Americas have, but a crystal doesn't expire so it is probably a slightly better option. For this exercise, you don't need an expensive crystal. Any crystal will do.

First thing, you'll want to do is activate your crystal. To activate a crystal tap on it and ask it to store all negative energy against you. 

Once the crystal is activated you now want to soak it in a small bowl with water and salt. Then hide it in a drawer or in a cabinet and let it absorb your psychic attacks for the next few months. After 2-3 months you can bury it in the grown and get a new crystal or simply cleanse it really well after with salt and energy and then re-activate it. For best results, I would suggest burying it into the ground. 

This is just one method of psychic self-defense. 

Spin Negative Energy Outta Your Hair

Another method of psychic self-defense is to spin around in a counter-clockwise direction. To avoid dizziness, it also helps if you choose to imagine yourself spinning in your mind.

By engaging in this movement physically or focusing your thoughts (mentally) you are actually repelling negative energy away from you. Just imagine all the negative dirty energy spinning off your body and you will rid yourself of that toxic energy. It is very similar to cleansing the chakras when they are blocked or out of balance.  The counter-clockwise movement of the energy is said to purge and remove negative energy.

Hopefully this will help you when out in the world and faced with the negativity around us.  Stick around for more on psychic self-defense in future videos.