Oh the Wonders of Plant Medicine

Today’s blog is about what many indigenous cultures have referred to as "plant medicine." Now, while the modern US FDA doesn't approve of the claims, there are all sorts of plants that are revered as having some medicinal properties. Some of them you may be more familiar with like Marijuana, Mushrooms, Ayahuasca or Hemp. There are many other forms of plant "allies to our health" like Cedar, Lavender or Juniper just to name a few. Plant medicine dates way back to the tribal days when indigenous cultures cultivated plants for use as both food and medicine. Many Native Americans would use psychedelic plants to induce visions which were thought to evolve their minds and gain answers. Even today you can visit remote destinations all over the world with Shamans and engage in sacred plant medicine circles.

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Here’s the crazy thing: although these plant medicines can be extremely helpful in healing the body and the mind, they are also highly illegal. But, lucky for us times are changing and certain plants are finally becoming legal. 
Unfortunately for the psychedelics, this is not the case, but Ayahuasca is legal in many other countries. Ceremonies performed on Native American land with a church are also legal. 
First, let me say that psychedelics are not for everyone so you want to be very careful if considering it. You want to make sure it’s something you truly want to do. I have found that they do expand your mind and can help to take you deeper on your spiritual path, but you must be in a good headspace when going on your journey. 
Although mushrooms and LSD can definitely take your mind on an amazing journey, my findings were that Ayahuasca can have a more profound healing effect, especially when dealing with heavy subjects like Depression or PTSD.

Ayahuasca - DMT | Dimethyltryptamine

Ayahuasca dmt pineal gland connection
After the unexpected death of someone extremely close to me, I was incredibly depressed and suffered from PTSD. I would replay his death over and over and over again in my mind. Then I would spend hours blaming myself for not being there for him. I would drive by his home or the places we used to go to together and I would just lose it. I was crying at work. I tried dating and would cry on my dates. I was a complete and utter basket case.

I have to say one of the things that really helped me to overcome this severe grief and depression was Ayahuasca. I managed to leave the confines of US jurisdiction and went to a ceremony having no idea what to expect, I just knew she (Ayahuasca) was calling to me, and something inside of me told me it would help with my healing. While at the ceremony I saw beautiful visuals, and she spoke to me telling me to enjoy the ride. I’m not going to lie... DID have a vision at the ceremony and I saw my future boyfriend. It was very strange but I just knew it meant something. Oddly enough I am with that person right now. The Ayahuasca showed me how truly beautiful my soul was and she told me to forgive myself, and that it was not my fault, and to stop blaming myself. This experience truly helped me to overcome my depression and PTSD and I am ever grateful for it.


Although, I had a truly magical experience with Ayahuasca I would not recommend it unless you feel truly called to it. What I would recommend is something that is easier available and also very healing, CBD or Hemp oil. Although made from a Cannabis plant it does not have the THC, so you can take it a few times per day and not feel out of it or stoned. You’ll most likely just feel high on life. I recently started taking CBD oil and I gotta say this is a truly magical product. I have been radiating on such a high frequency. I’ve felt more focused and have had a lot more energy throughout the day. I also used to deal with neck and back pain on a somewhat frequent basis and it really seems to be helping me with that, so I am truly excited that this is 100% legal and available to everyone in the US.
If you have any questions about anything in this blog, feel free to direct message me. Also, if you are interested in getting high quality Organic, GMO-Free CBD oil, I'm happy to make some recommendations based on first hand experience. Thank you so much.