Looking into my Birthday Reflection

As another year goes by, locked down to my coordinates of May 15th 1981, Cincinnati Ohio, 11:58pm. I wonder how many times I've lived this life? Locked at these coordinates, dissected by planets, I'm a Taurus with a Libra moon and a Gemini Heart. Our Nodes help to tell us our life purpose. This life different from the last, a fragmented soul sent by God to fulfill a mission and LEARN.


Do you ever feel like you've done this before? You've been here before? You know these people yet you've never met them. Is it based on our contracts we made before we got here? Is there such a thing as a "soul contract?" Could we have agreements that extend beyond this life in which we teach each other love and friendship?  I teach you forgiveness and you teach me strength. How many times have we taught each other?

My question today is simple. If all of our lifetimes take place simultaneously why is our consciousness locked at these coordinates? Have we lived this lifetime before? If so how many times? Is that why we have Deja vu? Do we make different choices each time? Or is it possible that this is the first time we are experiencing this lifetime? we just came with a plan and a contract before we were born? We knew it would play out a certain way, we may just not have known the details.

My Dad believed when you die you go into a hole in the ground and that's it. From my own personal experiences, I'm almost 100% certain this is not the case. I have made contact with the other side on numerous occasions through hypnotherapy & meditation. I have had clients who did not know each other reveal the same Past Life tale, each from the perspective of a different person. I have also made contact with the Cosmic Consciousness. From what I've learned and through my own experiences living in the positive and being a good person will bring the greatest rewards and help you evolve the fastest.

I have 4 planets in my 9th house of spirituality and travel, as you can see Metaphysics is my true passion and I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and learnings with you on my Birthday. Thank you so much for reading, and if you ever have questions on anything it is my pleasure to answer to the best of my ability.