It's Valentine's Day

Happy VDay!!! The holiday of romance and love that can also be a painful reminder that you’re single! I don’t know how many Valentines I spent with guys I didn’t actually like, staring into a martini glass, fantasizing about painting my nails, but stuck on some terrible date because I didn’t want to be alone on Valentine’s Day. Or the countless Valentines days I spent working because I didn’t want to be reminded I was alone on Valentine’s Day...

As some of you know, I am a dating & relationship coach as well as a boutique matchmaker. So, “ Dating & Love” are like my passion. It’s my favorite subject in the world, and mainly because I used to suck at it! I mean I was the Queen of bad dates, bad decisions & toxic relationships. (If you’re one of my ex’s reading this, totally not talking about you 😜)

So, what changed? Truthfully, through very painful life lessons I learned the value of love, and how important it is to work on your relationship so it can blossom & grow. I realized you have to communicate with your partner, and make them a priority. Also, learning your partner’s love language & codes is super helpful as well. (More blogs about these subjects coming soon).

The main thing that really helped me to overcome my years of being bad at love, was loving myself first. It wasn’t until I was finally okay with being single and enjoying spending time with myself that I was able to find a healthy relationship. So, whether you’re single or with the love of your life, enjoy this Valentine’s Day! And, most importantly love yourself! I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely getting myself some chocolates, yum!

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