Is There a Vampire in Your Bed?

You may not be aware of it, but you could be surrounding yourself with Vampires! Truth is, you may even be dating one. Now, I know it may sound silly, or possibly even sexy, but it’s not; it’s a real thing and it can be a little scary if you’re unaware. So, this blog is dedicated to helping you figure out whether or not you’ve succumbed to the spell and are dating a Vampire. Don’t worry. If you are, I’ll share tips on how to deal with it!

Okay, so what is an emotional or energy Vampire?

They'lI secretly vant to suck your energy!

There are certain people that boost your vibration and after you’re done talking with them or hanging out with them, you feel awesome! This is definitely not that person! It’s a person that sucks your energy right out of you. After you’re done hanging out with this person you might feel tired, emotionally drained, depressed, or even just moody.

The odd thing is they may not initially start off as a Vampire. As you might have heard, Vampires are great at hiding who they really are. When you first start hanging out they could be tons of fun and everything you thought you wanted. But if you’ve seen From Dusk Til Dawn, you know where it’s eventually headed…

So there are six different types of Vampires. The thing is one isn’t better than the other. They ALL suck your energy and leave you drained.

This type of Vampire can be very sexy, they’re usually powerful beings and when you first start dating this Vamp he/she may sweep you off your feet. They usually have too much of that “Alpha” thing going on and that actually stems from insecurity. If you’re dating one of these types of Vamps they’re the type that may try and tell you how to dress or what color to dye your hair, they may even tell you who to hang out with.

Eventually, this person will suck all the energy out of you, because you’re a person who needs to make your own decisions. Having someone make them for you will eventually melt you into a shell of an indecisive person. So, if you’re dating one, just recognize this, and make sure to stand your ground, first in a non-argumentative way, if you can. Then eat a bunch of garlic and ward them off.


If you’re dating one of these Vampires, you’ll probably know because your head most likely hurts from hearing the same stories over and over again. This type of Vamp is always complaining about their life and their situation.

This Vampire may stay at a terrible job or surround themselves with very negative people because they actually find some relief in complaining. They also never take responsibility for their actions and it’s always someone else’s fault. If you happen to be dating one of these Vampires eat a bunch of garlic and distance yourself as soon as possible, because all that negative energy is not good for anyone’s soul. 



If you’re dating one of these Vampires, prepare to be told you suck in 40 million different ways. This Vampire will quickly suck all your energy dry. As humans we perform better with positive reinforcements, so having someone criticize your every move will definitely leave you as a shell of a human being. If you’re dating one of these Vamps, I’d suggest eating a ton of garlic and dashing to the nearest holy ground as quickly as possible.



You may not even realize you’re actually dating a Vampire until a few dates in with this one. At first they may just ask your help with a few things, and it might feel good to help... until they come to rely on you for everything! Very quickly you could end up having a permanent house guest whose bills you’re paying and who’s doctor appointments you’re scheduling. I’d say try and help them do things on their own, but if they’re still incapable, devour a handful of garlic and call them an Uber before they suck all your money and energy. 


This vampire is usually very sexy. In fact most vampires are and we’ve all seen Twilight… This type of Vampire in particular spends all of her time talking about herself. It’s really exhausting and boring to listen to someone talk about themselves for hours.

If you’re dating one of these Vamps you’ll have to focus all your energy on this person in order for them to be happy. Doing that is going to leave you completely drained. Honestly, the best thing to do with one of these vampires is to limit contact. If you know you’re dating one, look past the exterior and realize it’s not worth it no matter how hot or rich they are. Eat a bunch of garlic and tell them, “buh-bye.”



If you’re dating one of these Vampires you might find the drama exciting at first, but after a few days of crazy exes and calls to the cops you’ll be totally wiped out. This person will always have drama in their life because that’s just the way they like it.

Having two people fight over them gives them pleasure. Once you realize you’re dealing with a Drama King or Queen Vampire I’d suggest shoveling a ton of garlic and jamming a stake in the relationship because if you don’t end it, you’ll be working on fumes dealing with drama.

Just know if you’re dating a Vampire and you don’t end it, eventually your energy will be sucked dry. Or worse, you may even become a Vampire yourself. If you’re reading this and you realize you actually maybe exhibiting some Vampire-like qualities, the good news is THAT is the first step to recovery. Unlike blood sucking Vampires, energy Vampires can come back to life and become the human they really want to be.