Is Earth a Prison Planet?

I'm gonna be honest with you, I am not crazy about the name of this blog, but I'm using it because I think it's important to create an awareness. My purpose in this life is to inspire, uplift and help as many people as possible. And entitling my blog Prison Planet seems a little dark. No, worries, I'll get to the uplifting part in a few. 😊

Now, some of what I'm about to say is really controversial, but I want to begin by saying I believe we are going through a massive evolution as a species.  There's a lot that the average citizen doesn't know. We can blame the government or the people in charge but the truth is, it doesn't matter why we are uneducated.  We have to accept that we are.  We need to do our own due diligence and research in order to truly live a healthy, happy life. Even though it may seem like circumstance is stacked against us, it is very possible to create a long, healthy and peaceful lifestyle. Because who DOESN'T want that, amiright?!

Look, the Pharmaceutical industry is a trillion dollar industry. So, if there were other medications and healthier solutions than pharmaceutical drugs, it just makes sense that they might not want us to use them until they've figured out a way to profit.


Chemo-therapy is a giant source of revenue in the US, along with the treatments for diabetes and heart disease. If you research CBD (Hemp oil) online you'll find some amazing videos and articles showing how it has helped some people during their process of overcoming cancer and many other health ailments both physical and mental.  Please check out to see the many uses of CBD.

CBD comes from industrial hemp and is non-psychoactive, meaning it there is little to no THC and it will not get you high. The plant itself is said to have been a part of our diets and certainly in our bodies for hundreds of thousands of years. However, it has also been outlawed by some of the strictest laws for the last 70 years. Luckily, more recently it has become available again. The only catch is at any moment in time the federal government can choose to make it schedule 1, meaning it would be as illegal as Bathsalts & Heroin if they choose. The reason? People are turning to it instead of pharmaceuticals.  Plant medicine in general can be incredibly healing and mind expanding for many individuals who has been through severe trauma but as of this moment in time, medicine such as Ayahuasca and DMT are highly illegal in the United States.


Now, here's one of the craziest things I've heard in a while. There is something called Gerson Therapy, which is a dietary-based alternative cancer treatment that some claim cures cancer one of the most most chronic, degenerative illness. This treatment is actually illegal to administer in the US. It's just eating super healthy vegetables, fruits and vitamins. If you want guidance with the dietary change and access to the treatment typically you must go to a clinic in Mexico, but the good news is that you can order the pressed juices here in the US.

Here's the great news! Once you know there are options for taking control of your health like CBD, Gerson, Vitamins, and healing treatments done by healers, we are able to make informed decisions along with consultation from trained medical professionals. I am not saying anyone should take themselves off pharmaceuticals if they are working. But, if you are having severe side effects there are options available that people may want to explore. Homeopathic lifestyle options they do exist. As many people know, here in the US and throughout many countries many of our foods are made with chemicals, pesticides and soy, so I always encourage others to buy from farmers markets and try to eat less processed foods.