If You Trust, The Universe Has Got Your Back

Although life can be hella complicated, it’s actually pretty simple. There are two ways to live your life. You can live in fear, doubt and worry. Thinking horrible thoughts about the future, living in a place of worry and despair, or you can just trust things will be okay and live in comfort. It seems really simple when framed like that, but living in a state of trust and acceptance isn’t always easy.

I am a licensed spiritual Minister, a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, and soon will have my PhD in Metaphysics and yet I still forget these simple choices at times. I think at some point in time we all are guilty of leaning towards the side of fear.

Here’s the thing when you’re feeling fear, worry or doubt... notice how you feel? Most likely, your body is tense, your mind is reeling in negative thoughts, you may not want to sleep, or you may find yourself worry snacking. You usually don’t feel good. You may even feel pain in your body, in your shoulders, neck, jaw or back. 

On the contrary when you just trust, and say the Universe will take care of me. All of a sudden all of that pressure is relieved, and it often feels like a heavy weight has been lifted. If something doesn’t happen the way you planned it, you can be angry, self loath and believe you’re not good enough, or you can simply say the Universe has something else for me in store, and move forward. Magically, worry, fear and doubt can be turned into trust.

I was reminded of this the other day. I had a few meetings with huge potential clients and I was worried at first, giving in to self-doubt and putting pressure on myself. As I was driving to my interview I recognized my negative behavior and quickly reframed my thinking. I decided to just trust the Universe and if it was meant to be, I’d get the position. If not, then there was something else for me in store. It was amazing! All my stress began to melt and when I went into the interview I nailed both of them, and actually got offered both positions.

So, when I say the Universe has got your back, you have to trust me. It does. We all have the power to be alchemists and magically turn fear, doubt and worry into trust and success.