I Deserve Love

In our society we put a lot of emphasis on looks, age, and money when dating. Although all 3 can be important factors, none of these three things would sustain a lasting relationship. To help a few of my clients who seem to have similar blocks when it comes to finding love, I've been putting together a powerful dating program to help people figure out what exactly they want in a relationship and provide the tools to go out there and attract that loving relationship. 

What I've found is that our society has glorified sex and money so much, that people are getting stuck in these superficial relationships that don't work. On the other side, many are staying single because they don't feel worthy or some are just looking for a hot 22 year old model. But, the question is would they really even want that?  Chances are probably not. I spent over a decade living and dating in Los Angeles and I can tell you, I've been on a lot of dates and experienced plenty of failed relationships mainly because my values were not properly aligned.  


I was looking for 3 things: handsome, successful and funny. Believe me I found a lot of handsome, successful, funny... douchebags! It wasn't until a few years ago when I realigned my values, that I started  finding and dating some good guys. I realized I wanted someone loyal, kind, loving, deep, and smart who could be my best friend. Most importantly, I wanted a lasting relationship.  After I realigning my values and getting more specific about what I wanted, I finally found a relationship that worked. 

We need someone with a similar value system in order to have a loving relationship. Qualities like a best friend, loyal, kind, and sense of humor go a lot further then hot to trot or loaded. I have a lot of clients and friends in their 40's, 50's and 60's that are looking for women in their 20's, and, although sometimes it might work out, usually the two just don't share the same common interests or values system. I see a similar pattern with some women who desperately want to be with someone super successful so they look past important factors like personality or loyalty.


The system I'm working on is based on years of not just my own experience, but the experience of countless clients and is designed to help anyone figure out what you truly want in a relationship - because that’s key. You can’t manifest the right person into your life unless you know what exactly you’re looking for. The secret is it's way more than just looks. There’s a chance, you just might find that ideal person and let them go because you didn’t realize just how ideal they actually were for you. 

Once you know what you want you’re on the right track, but it’s important that we don’t let past romances affect us in the present. So, sometimes we need to cut cords with old flames or remove some limiting thoughts around dating. Once the past is truly behind us and not defining us anymore, then we can move into dating, setting up online profiles and how to act on a date. But the real secret that I’ve learned in life and dating is, you can’t find true love unless you love yourself first. So, forgive yourself for any mistakes you’ve ever made, and truly adore your amazing qualities, because we are all special and most importantly: we all deserve love.