How To Remove That Dark Cloud

Alright, so today's blog is all about raising that vibration!! There's so many times when we are stuck in a negative loop. You get a parking ticket, spill your coffee, get in trouble at work and the list goes on and on... How do you turn your day around when it's already starting out like complete sh#t? Sometimes a sh#tty day and can turn to a sh#tty week and no one needs that, so today's blog is all about turning that negative into a positive!

Here's a question: "Whose favorite Winnie The Pooh character is Eeyore?"

I don't know about you, but personally, I love Tigger. He's full of positive energy, hops around, and is really nice and happy. Who doesn't love Tigger!? When we walk around like Eeyore we aren't going to attract wonderful opportunities because we're not open to them. When you walk around with a negative cloud over your head, you're only going to attract more negativity. Here are some simple steps that I use to get back in the positive!

Let's take the example of getting a parking ticket, spilling coffee and then having some trouble at work, and let's say all 3 of these things happened before 11am. So, you could just write it off as a bad day and be miserable, or you can reframe and say today started off a little rocky but I'm going to turn this day around. Just the act of putting it out there that the day is going to get better will actually materialize into a better day. After all thoughts become things, right? (The Law Of Attraction)


Another trick I use when I'm feeling a little low and my headspace isn't so hot, I'll just take a quick meditation break. You can literally do this at work, or even in your car in a parking lot. Just close your eyes and relax. Allow all the stress and tension from your body to release as you think about nothing. Close your eyes and take long deep breaths. This will help to take you into a neutral mindset, while in this neutral state you can think more clearly and get a grip on whatever you may be going through.

It's amazing what sound can really do for us. Just the act of riding in your car and listening to one of your favorite songs can truly elevate your mood. Also, hearing a song from when you were back in High School can literally bring you back to your first kiss or a time of complete freedom. So, when I'm feeling down I'll just pop in my headphones listen to some good upbeat music and dance. The act of moving our bodies really raises our vibrations!!! Just try and stay away from downer music; System Of A Down or Loneliest Day Of My Life probably ain't gonna raise that vibe. 😜

So, if you're not much of a dancer that's ok. Jumping works just as well. Seriously, put some upbeat music on and just jump. Tigger will tell you, jumping guaranteed to raise your vibration. It burns calories and releasing endorphins, two things that elevate your mood!!!

One sure fire way to get your vibration high is to laugh. Just think about something funny, a joke you heard, a situation a few weeks ago that had you rolling on the floor. I'll tell you we really need to laugh more! Just remember a time when you were hysterically laughing, go back in your body, see what you saw, hear what you heard, and most importantly, feel what you felt when you were laughing hysterically. This will definitely get you out of the negative loop and feeling good.

These are just some tips that I've used to personally help elevate my mood and turn my day around. If you'd like to learn more, or schedule a free consultation please send me a direct message @ Also, I teach a High Vibe Yoga class every Sunday from 5-6pm in Los Angeles that's a combination of pop/rock'n'roll music that really gets you feeling outta this world! Hope to hear from you soon 😊.