How to Know If You're on the Right Track

People are very quick to talk about the law of attraction, using words like "manifest" or "materialize," and saying things like "thoughts become things." But, if you're not super familiar with this terminology, how do you know you're moving in the right direction? How do you know something is even a good idea.

Here's the thing, when Manifesting (creating something into your life) you need to make sure the thing you're manifesting is aligned with your heart and authentic. I'll give you an example from one of my dating coaching clients. I asked him what he was looking for in a woman.  His response was, "I want a hot girl in her 20's."

Unfortunately, in this case my client is going to have a tough time with that because it's not a heartfelt desire, and ultimately it's very superficial. Now, this client was in his mid-40's and was basing his only qualifications for a relationship on physical attributes. So, I wanted him to go deeper and re-evaluate his only criteria for a partner.  I had him write down 8 of the qualities that he wanted based on personality and values. Things like loyal, kind, clean, ambitious, and drug free came up. That helps you get a little closer to something real. It's something you can manifest, so we were able to work from there.

So the question is, how do you know you're moving in the correct direction. It's pretty simple. If something feels really good, you can't stop talking about it, when you think about it, it makes you happy, you're probably onto something good. This theory works with ideas, businesses, people and relationships.

I'm sure you've had this happen before where you came up with an idea. Every time you talked about it a big smile would shine across your face. That means you're moving in the right direction. Here's the tricky part, you have to be careful who you share this info with because some people are dream bashers. They most likely don't spread negativity on purpose, but so many of their dreams have been crushed that they might think they need to warn others or even crush others dreams a bit as well. Or they might not fully understand the true power of positivity. That's why you can't run around telling everyone your ideas. You want to keep it to yourself so that you can manifest it and build it out without having other people's energy attached to it. The only person you'd share these ideas with would be a person that you are co-creating with. Meaning someone you're building the idea out with.


spirit guides connect message totem Also, don't be afraid to ask your guides for help. We all have spirit guides, beings on the other side that are here to help us. Sometimes our guides are people we knew on Earth who have crossed over, other times they've been with us helping us this whole time from the other side. I have a few different meditations available that help you connect with your spirit guides, if you're interested in learning more. They love helping us, and they love when we ask for help because they really feel like we need them and they can do their job. I ask my guides for help quite often. Just close your eyes and meditate and ask for help. They're figure out a way to deliver you the answer. Also, the more ideas come to you, thank the universe and your guides it's very important to be very grateful.

Here's the last thing, if something doesn't feel good. It's probably not the right thing for you. If when you think about it, you get awful anxiety or it feels incongruent you should probably stop. This test can be used in dating and relationships a lot. I know I've had a few relationships that I felt horrible about in my past, I most likely dragged them out longer than necessary and felt miserable. I remember meditating and getting I needed to be by myself over and over again. The secret is, when you get that icky feeling you know it's not right, you need to leave. Also, many people feel this way when they cheat on their partner, or go behind someone's back in business or friendship. It's not a good sensation so, just stop before you hurt someone.


We live in a very conscious society so it's important for us to close our eyes and meditate when we get a chance, even if it's for 5 minutes. We need to connect to our hearts not our brains. Our brains will tell us consciously what we should do, but our heart will give us that authentic, loving answer we truly need to hear.

If you would like to know more about Manifesting in business, or in dating/relationships please send me a direct message and we can set up a free consultation. Thank you so much, and go ahead a make those dreams come true!