How I Like to Get High

This blog is dedicated to the act of getting high. Not necessarily getting high on plant medicine or any other mind altering substances, but getting high on life. I personally love being high. If I could spend my life in that ethereal high vibration, creative, motivated headspace, I'd be happy all the time. Unfortunately, we must surrender to biorhythms, so we can't permanently always be on cloud nine. Some days you're just not gonna vibrate as high as others. So, here are some simple tricks to raise your vibration and connect with the Multi-verse. 


Turn up the music! 🎶 Music can completely alter your experience of the world. I absolutely hate the process that comes with traveling: spending hours in the airport, dragging heavy luggage around. But, when I have my headphones on, traveling becomes exciting and fun. It's almost like I'm walking through a music video, taking in the atmosphere in a light meditative trance.  Another great way to put your mind at ease in a calm mindset is while driving. One of my favorite relaxing activities is to roll down the windows, listen to some of my favorite tunes and drive. This works great for elevating mood... when there's no traffic. Then, if you really want to take advantage of being in the zone, start thinking big picture. Think about what you want, what you really, really want, and what you know you can do to achieve it. Then revel in the feelings of empowerment that can come with knowing anything is possible and you can manifest those dreams. 

Close Your Eyes and Relax

Sometimes we just need to restart our brains. There are times when I'm working and I realize I'm just not in the headspace I need to be in to get work done. So, I'll go outside real fast or find a quiet corner, close my eyes, and breathe. Long deep breathing. If I have time to meditate I'll do that as well. Literally, a 3-minute meditation can do wonders. By going into a meditative state you can quit your negative mind, and turn off that negative chatter. 

Kick Up Your Endorphins

When all else fails, jump around. Just the act of moving your body can totally raise your vibration. When my vibration is low I'll strap on some running shoes and hit the gym or pull out a mat and do a few upward dogs. Being active tricks your mind into feeling better because you begin creating endorphins and taadaa you feel better. 😊

Hug A Tree

Nature can be really helpful when you're feeling a bit down. Hiking is always a great way to raise your vibration and make you appreciate the world around. When it's warm and sunny taking your shoes off and putting your feet in the grass can be really grounding and can feel great. The weather doesn't always permit but when it does nature is a definite mood booster. 


The act of laughing can take your mood from Grumpasaurous to totally happy in minutes. Literally just go back in your mind and think of a time when you were falling down laughing. See what you saw, feel what you felt, hear what you heard when you were falling down laughing.  When things don't always go my way I just laugh about it and immediately I feel better.  Life is too short to walk around being angry all the time, so LAUGH!  You'll feel much better.


Animal Love


Animals may be the fastest way to truly raise your vibration. They're cute, cuddly and admit unconditional love. Even if you're allergic or not a fan of pets, just the act of seeing a cute puppy or kitty video can make you really happy.