Hot Women Are From Planet Earth!

So, I’ve been noticing a similar pattern with some of my matchmaking/coaching clients & even some of my friends. I hear them talk about and interact with attractive females as if they’re a completely different species. It’s like a hot woman is from a totally different galaxy, so they end up defaulting to just a lil’ weird or awkward around a beautiful woman. Truth is, they might as well be talking to a purple polka dotted alien with a vagina on her head.  Trust me when I say, I’ve witnessed guys saying the most awkward or idiotic things when faced with a conversation.

She's not an Alien!

How in the world are you gonna score a pretty lady, when you’re acting just plain weird? 

Answer: You’re probably not...

Step #1 Stop acting weird... Realize beautiful women are humans too. Gorgeous women still need to eat, sleep, poop, and have to do earthly matters, like going to the DMV and Verizon store just like everyone else. Did I mention we poop, we do ;)



Step #2 Stop objectifying. I hear guys talk about hot women all the time. “Her butt was so round”, or “I could see her nipples through her shirt.” Gross!!! I’m offended even writing this. We DO NOT appreciate this in the slightest . No woman does. I know it can go both ways and sometimes ladies do it too, but either way, it’s a no-no.

My biggest pet peeve is when a guy is out with a beautiful woman and he feels a need to... talk about other hot women in front of his date!?! Yeah, I know, say what??? Even if it’s Kate Upton or Angelina Jolie, it Does. Not. Matter. We don’t like it... Now ladies have a pass and can mention the beauty of a women, and if a woman welcomes your two cents, saying something classy and complimentary is OK. But, walking out of a movie and saying you think Margot Robbie is the most gorgeous woman on the planet, or pointing out another woman’s great assets is probably not going to win you the best sex of your life that night.

She's a Human!The reason why is fairly simple.  Do you consider how much time your date likely put into her hair, makeup, and outfit? Hell, she probably put even in an extra 15 minutes at the gym, just to rock those skinny jeans with her super painful stilettos.  Appreciate what you’ve got, because we are all beautiful & special in our own ways. And, if you DO feel that way about the girl you’re with, tell her! We love compliments!

But as with most things, there are some caveats. Just be careful.  If you are in the habit of telling a woman “you’re so hot” more than 3 times on a date, it can easily be the kiss of death. No matter how handsome a guy who’s giving that compliment is, she’ll begin to think, “hmm, this guy must have never been out with a beautiful woman.  Wait, that must mean there’s something really wrong with him.” True story! So, yes compliment her beauty then let it go. Don’t make it a topic of discussion!! Find something else to compliment like her wit, her brain, her style, or her pure awesomeness!

or maybe a Twi'lek...Here’s the secret to talking to beautiful women: it sounds cliché, but often the best bet is to be you! The truth is most people, when dating, are really trying to find both their romantic partner and their best friend. So, how the hell are you going to be best friends with a “strange creature” you’ve idolized that you’re ogling at and making objectifying comments about like carpet swatches or room tones. So, yeah, please remember to remove the polka-dotted vagina from her head, remember that you're a part of the same species and really try to get to know her as a person, just as you would with any new friend.  I promise you’ll probably learn you have way more in common then you could have ever imagined, which will get you away from viewing her as a strange creature you only dream about being with.

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