Getting In-Tune With Your Body

This week’s Blog is on being in-tune with your body. Western medicine can be incredibly helpful and truly saves people’s lives. That being said, I think it's important to recognize that the pharmaceutical Industry is a trillion dollar industry worldwide, say what… true fact, and over 70 billion in the US alone.  So many healthcare providers are quick to prescribe medication as the first fix because it can potentially help a patient, but people forget that often times there are some lifestyle incentives that come along with prescribing a certain company's drug.  I'm talking Ching-ching. But, what if the medication doesn't fully work, or the side effects outweigh the benefits. Hmmm, you get what I’m saying?… 

No one knows your body better than you do.

That's why it's so important to know and listen to your body. The truth is you know your body better than any Doctor does. It belongs to you. Through meditation and other activities like yoga that can quiet the mind, we can figure out ways to listen to our body’s. I’ve been able to help many of my clients get in touch with their bodies through hypnotherapy or guided meditation. It's definitely helped me. I used to Google like crazy when something I felt like something was wrong.  I would stress myself out and often make whatever was wrong with me 60 times worse. A lot of the time our pain and suffering is caused by stress and incongruency, so stressing on Google thinking you might have spinal meningitis isn't going help. 




Why Google and freak out when you can tune-in?

And, not all sickness is caused by what we ingest, thinking negative fearful thoughts can be just as deadly on the body. I study Meta-Medicine which is the science of how each health issue is related to something emotional. It's incredibly fascinating and I've found it to surprisingly accurate in most cases. The idea is if you can get in touch with your body you can figure out what’s the best solution in order to heal your body. Often times we can find that the remedies are completely natural and healthy. So, breathe in, breathe out and get in touch with your body. 

If you have any questions on Meta-Medicine or how to tune into your body through meditation feel free to direct message me. Also, if you are interested in doing a one on one guided meditation/hypnotherapy session also direct message me.