Fear Is STILL a Cockblock

jacqui holland cbd dog bunny model bikini nakedOne of my earlier videos was about how fear is a cockblock, and that may be the most truthful sentence in the history of humankind. You see, lately, I've been feeling a shit-ton of fear. It's funny, because I'm a life coach, a spiritual advisor & licensed Counselor by trade. Yet, at the core, I am still a human being that feels human emotions just like everyone else. Just because you know exactly what is the best thing to do doesn't mean you always act that way. 

So, as I've been transitioning into a new lifestyle and letting go of the old, I've been holding a lot of fear around the situation. I'm going to have to make some big changes. My whole life I've made a living off acting, modeling and being in a bikini, but I'm realizing that, at least for the next 7 months, that's probably not a viable option. So, I have some fear around the situation and the idea of fully transitioning into my true voice and authentic self. 

The idea is that when we feel fear around something new or different, we need to let go of the old and allow the new to happen.

So, how do we do that???

lion courage inhale exhale Okay, so what I've found works best for me is to trust; trust the Universe, spirit or God. Trust your journey and realize there's a purpose and a reason.

When things don't work out exactly the way we want to them to, we can curse the Universe and be ungrateful if we choose, but that isn't going to manifest a better situation. It's just going to keep us in a negative mindset and it will take longer for the lesson to be learned. 

So, when we have fear about upcoming events, about our finances, about any sort of change in our lives, we just have to let it go. Release the fear. Breathe in and out. Let it go. Take some CBD if you have some (if not DM me and I can tune you in) and first and foremost trust the Universe. Just put faith in the idea that whatever it is you're fearing about the future will work itself out.

Write down the outcome you want, and don't breathe life into the power of negative, dream-killing fear, because I promise it won't feel good. Relax you got this... WE got this!!!