Doubt Is A Destroyer

If fear is a cockblock, doubt is definitely a destroyer. Literally, the only thing that sabotages the accomplishment our goals, desires and dreams is self doubt and fear. So, today’s blog is about releasing that self doubt so you can find success in all aspects of life.

In my own personal experience, I’ve gone through times where I've been super excited about an idea or a project and then I've completely self-sabotaged by succumbing to doubt. It can be the teeny tiniest hint of doubt that seeps into your mind, but it’s just enough to make you rethink your idea or project and interfere with manifesting it properly.

We know doubt is a dangerous destroyer, but what can we do when we begin to feel it? First off: in some cases, doubt can be a good thing. If you have an idea and you begin to doubt it, it simply means you need to take a closer examination of the idea.


Put On Those Reading Glasses And Examine Your Idea

Then you need to ask yourself a few questions about your idea, project, relationship, whatever it is that you’re doubting. Ask yourself is this thing I’m doubting congruent with me and with my values? If you have this great idea that you want to be a Lawyer because you like money and want a new BMW, you need to see is it truly congruent with who you are. Do you love learning about law, are you down to go to law school and are you truly passionate about defending people. If the answer is you just want a hot car, it’s probably not congruent so the doubt was a good thing because you just saved yourself a ton of student loans and years of working a job that doesn’t truly make you happy.

Let’s say your idea is truly congruent, it goes along with your values system and everything that you stand for. Awesome! Now, would successfully making this idea happen help other people? If the answer to this is "yes," you are definitely moving in the right direction. The last question is, "is it an attainable goal?" For instance winning the lottery to help pay off the national debt, okay, yes it would be helpful, but it’s not really attainable you have no control over winning it.

Recap When You’re Feeling Doubt

Ask Yourself:
    0.    Is it congruent and aligned with your values?
    0.    Will it not only help you but help others?
    0.    Is it attainable?

If the answer is yes to all three, you can tell that nasty doubt to take a hike. The next step is simple but can be the hardest part. You just have to believe in yourself!


You Gotta Believe In You

The number one thing that holds us back is the past. Have you ever seen someone straight out of High School or College come into the working world and crush it? Of course.  A big reason has a lot to do with mindset.  The reason why is they’re often not as jaded. They haven’t experienced as much rejection and failure so it's easier to just believe they can do it and they can! I remember when I was straight out of college and going on auditions and I would book almost everything I went out for. I credit a lot of that to not having had much experience with rejection. It wasn't until after I went through my first negative, rejection-filled experience that I began to doubt myself.

So, we really have to reprogram our minds to achieve the highest levels of success. This is where NLP comes in!! In NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) we are taught to retrain our minds for success through changing our language patterns and our thoughts.

The easiest way to morph your doubt into belief is through something called reframing. You can simply turn your wording around. “All my business ideas always fail,” can be turned around to “This time my business is going to work and help a lot of people in the process.”

Another great tool to remove doubt is visualization. Just the act of seeing yourself achieving your goal can truly help to manifest it and make it a reality. You can visualize right before you’ve achieved this goal. Many Pro & Olympic Athletes use visualization to help them perform at their best. I use visualization tools with a lot with my clients and it never ceases to amazing me that it works!

If you have any questions about removing doubt, visualization or NLP please just click here to learn more or book a free consultation.

To show gratitude after an abundant summer full of some amazing clients, and people who are really creating their reality and making the world a better place, I am having an end of summer sale on my services so come back to next week's blog to find out more.

Thank you so much and remember, you GOT this!