Ancient Secrets Revealed Through Past-Life Regression

So, as many of you know I am a hypnotherapist.  I work with clients on weight loss, pain management, dream interpretations, quitting smoking, perfecting golf games, removing trauma, PTSD, and so much more. But, my personal favorite kind of hypnotherapy sessions I facilitate are past life regressions. I have done lots of regressions and I always find them absolutely fascinating.

Many times clients will regress back to their most recent lifetime before this one, or one within the last 500 years. Although lately, some clients that I've worked with a bit longer have begun to regress even further back to ancient times. I personally have always been obsessed with Ancient Egypt, Atlantis and now Lemuria. I've also had a few different clients regress back to lifetimes where they were not in their human form, and this intrigues me beyond belief.


If you know anything about Ancient Egypt, you know that the pyramids were very complex. They had their own energy sources and indoor plumbing. Now how would prehistoric human beings know how to use such advanced technology? It just doesn't fully make sense. Even the pyramids appear to have been intricately built with machines. I've always suspected other life forms helped the Egyptians build the pyramids, but recently through my studies I may have come up with other theories.



atlantis lemuria greece ancient lost city

Now, I've had a handful of clients regress back to lifetimes in Atlantis. You know, that lost advanced civilization that is said to have been wiped out by a giant tidal wave. What's very interesting is two of my clients, one whom I'm very close with, told me the same exact story while under hypnosis. In fact they both recognized me saying I was a High Priestess named Azelda. The way you can recognize a person while in a regression is to look into their eyes, although the physical is different the eyes are the window to the soul, so it is said that you can recognize souls. The city of Atlantis had a Greek look to it, and the technology there was said to be much more advanced then our own today. The people were able to do advanced work through astral projection, crystal energy work and meditation. The science aspect was also more advanced as well, and they were said to have space ships and were also experimenting with DNA. With their experimentations they were creating mythical creatures such as a Pegasus or Griffin. Of course the same question would come up, how would such an advanced civilization exist and so long ago. Again my thoughts were of Aliens.


bird person rick and morty lemuria mu atlantis

In a recent regression I had to a client regress back to Lemuria, a civilization that was said to be around even before Atlantis and continued through Atlantian times. In his regression he spoke of the civilization being filled with aliens, bird people, which immediately made me think of "Rick & Morty."

He said the inhabitants were very tall and much older than any human is today. The civilization was incredibly evolved & peaceful, almost like a safe haven for all sorts of alien species. They worked with crystals and were able to put knowledge into a crystal much like a hard drive.

Fascinated and thrilled after performing this regression I began scowering the internet about the ancient civilization of Lemuria. Sure enough I found information from other channels that sounded incredibly similar. It just seems so fascinating to me, that all the channelers and my client's subconscious minds would all say the same thing.


crystal atlantis lemuria power knowledge transfer

Apparently, the Lemurians, being so advanced, knew their civilization was going to end by a natural disaster. So, they began charging their crystals with their light language. They took a bunch of crystals and hid them underground so that later civilizations - like ours - could find them. It is said if you meditate with a Lemurian crystal you can actually access their DNA and begin to learn their light language, unlocking clues to higher consciousness.

If any of this article intrigues you and you'd like to set up a past life regression, or a free consultation for one, please contact through direct message or at I offer in office sessions or also do sessions by Skype. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed this info.