4 Steps to Manifesting & Trusting The Universe

When Manifesting, here are a few tips that help to really materialize that thing you want into the physical Universe:

Step #1 Authenticity

The first step in Manifesting what you want is it must be authentic, ie. winning the lottery not so you can have shit tons of cash and fancy cars, not super authentic. Wanting to publish a book that will help millions of people with some of the valuable lessons that you learned throughout life, okay, now we're talking...

Step #2 You Truly Have To Believe

The next step is you truly need to believe in whatever you're working on Manifesting. If you don't feel worthy and don't actually believe it's capable of happening, ain't gonna happen. So trust in yourself and the Universe that you can materialize this thing. If you're having trouble believing it's a reality, it may not be congruent so you may want to reassess whatever it is your trying to materialize. Or it could be an issue of lack of self esteem in that case, you need to show yourself some self love and realize how truly awesome you!!! Think about you're amazing qualities and truly love yourself. Then visualize it, believe it, talk like you already got it! If you can truly believe this is your reality, others will believe it as well.

Step #3 Log It

manifest with intention create your realityThe next step is to write it down, everyday. The act of writing it down really puts it into the Universe. I suggest a manifestation journal. Really see the best possible outcome, write it down getting it on paper. This is the the time to combine your big picture skills with some details. Write down what you want, the whole enchilada. Example, I want to sell a create a bestselling book that will help millions of people. I see myself on Ellen doing interviews, on radio shows, etc. etc. Ok great, now what are the steps to achieving this... Example I'm gonna write everyday for 4 hours a day for 3 months. Then I'll find a publishers or self publish this book and get it seen by millions. Now, there's certain details like, who will publish it? That may block you. Instead of worrying and never actually writing the book because you don't have a publisher, you gotta trust! Trust if it's truly authentic the Universe will bring the right person into your life. I know it's hard, but worrying about details will not allow you to fully manifest your goals. I know this for a fact because I used to be quite the worrier and truthfully I believe that's why a lot of my goals never fully blossomed. The secret to manifesting is being in a good headspace and trusting. Now once you've written this all down, it's now in the Universe. Then it's up to you to go through with the plan, and make it happen!

Step 4: Shhhhh

The final step is to be quiet about what you're manifesting. I've experienced this so many times, where you're super excited then you tell someone and they kill your buzz and tear your idea apart. They might not be doing it intentionally, but perhaps someone shot down their idea once. Or maybe their jealous for whatever reason. Or they may not fully understand the idea... For these reasons, keep it to yourself until you really manifested it. Unless you're co-creating this idea with a supportive partner.

If you have any questions please feel free to direct message, or set up a consultation. Thank you so much reading, here's wish you the best of luck manifesting all your dreams!