3 Tips for Creating Abundance and Attracting Prosperity

This week's blog is all about creating abundance and prosperity. As some of you know, I am launching a new yoga style called Prosperiti Yoga. This yoga is a mixture of Kundalini Yoga and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It's designed to help you manifest your goals, desires, and dreams. It begins with raising your vibration, followed by strengthening your endurance and ends with a guided Gong meditation to help you let go, truly connect to the Universe and create abundance in whatever aspect of your life you're focused on. 

So, in honor of this new style of Yoga I decided to do this week's Blog on some prosperity tips. 

Tip #1: Share The Wealth 


The quickest way to be prosperous is to spread the wealth. After working for years in the service industry I realized that "tipping karma" is a very real thing. We're all working hard for our money, so when someone does a particularly good job, reward them with a nice tip. When we begrudgingly hand our money over all irritated and annoyed, it is said to block the spread of money. Money flows like water.  It comes to us, we give it to others, it returns back to us. 




Tip #2: Stop Worrying 


Worry is one of the fastest ways to stop the flow of money. When we worry about our finances, we manifest financial stress, which leads to a lack of money. The truth is if we simply trust and work hard on manifesting financial abundance, the Universe will take care of us. 



Tip #3: Removing Limiting Beliefs Around Money


Removing Limiting Beliefs Around Money

Many people get stuck in a negative loop around money because they have limiting beliefs that won't let them reach their true financial potential. We create beliefs early in life, like "money is the root of all evil," or "I have to work hard for money." In order to truly prosper we must remove these beliefs. I use Timeline Therapy to help clients eliminate this thinking, and it's truly amazing I've watched some of my clients triple their income in a matter of months. 

These tips should help you along your path toward prosperity. If you would like to know more about Timeline Therapy or Prosperiti Yoga, please DM me. Would be happy to answer any of your questions.