Intuitive Tarot Reading

Move through daily life with peace and awareness when you have guidance from an Intuitive Tarot Reading.

The way it works is I connect to source energy, I am a combination of clairaudient and clairvoyant, meaning I hear the answer through words and usually see visions.  Sometimes people have fear around Tarot or specific cards: What if I get the Death Card or the Devil? I interpret the cards honestly but I provide explanations that will serve your highest good so that you can walk away with the best possible outcome.

We are all learning here on this Earth School. I feel like a negative reading can offset your vibration, preventing you from manifesting all that you truly want and deserve.

So, by helping clients to see that the many choices ahead are opportunities, even unexpected outcomes can be reframed into positive scenarios. Whether it's health, prosperity, career, or love the Tarot can help you to see which direction is best for you.

To inquire about a skype or phone reading, please email: Jacqui [at]